Warriors of Rembis is a story created by Inferno999.


After a boy named Nick is attacked by a Tyma, he is thrown into a world. Along with a whole other team of boys and girls, he must discover buried secrets, defeat nightmarish creatures and more.

Chapter 1: Dealing with Demons

I tried to hold on for breath as the thing clutched my throat.
It looked like the devil, enormous black wings and deep red scales. I tried to tear my eyes away from it's horrifying face, but it just drew me towards it. Blood-stained fangs hung like stalactites from the ceiling of its mouth.
"W-what are you?" I choked. The devil snarled, and tightened it's grip tighter around my neck.
"Quiet! A drop from this height could kill you!" It said in a deep, scratchy voice.
"What do you want from me?" I managed.
"I want -" the demon began, but before it could say another word, it's curving tail burst into flame.
"I don't think he's getting a chance to answer that, question." said a voice from behind.
Two boys were floating in mid-air behind the demon.
The demon screeched at the two boys and vanished, sending me falling down into the busy streets of the city.
Before I could get crushed, one of the boys saved me. He was holding his fist up as if he was lifting an invisible dumbbell.
He put me carefully on the pathway, right before landing on a bench himself. The other boy landed next to his right.
The boy on the right started scolding at me. "What an idiot. Going after a Tima like that? And Engel, too. He's the worst one!"
"Look, that demon came to me. Who the hell was he, and who the hell are you guys?" I responded.
"I'm Harry. He's Vincent." The boy who saved me said.