aka Miles or Lucas

  • I live in A known place in Skylands called Easy-On Island, in a hidden home that looks like a mountain.
  • I was born on October 23
  • My occupation is A Shapershifter, who takes the form of different species, genders, and personalities in different worlds of video games. (Skylanders, and Nintendo, mainly.)
  • I am The Bridge Between Skylands and Earth
  • Blindsighter101


    May 27, 2015 by Blindsighter101

    Hello everybody! I'm Blindsighter101 (A.K.A Blind) and today, as my first official book on this wiki, I's just jump right to it.

    My book series will be about five friends who play video games, play pranks on each other and other people, always get into and out of trouble. However, four of them are from a forbidden species known as the Paranormals. Paranormals are a type of human who have psychic powers and abilities. In the world that they live in, called Altias, they, along with other paranormals were forced to live on a remote island, seperated from other people who happen to hate paranormals. In my book series, we'll get an inside look on the life they live. As the blog is named, the first book in the series …

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