"Welcome to Hoppy's Fun Land. A place where your imagination goes wild. Now go and visit loud screech Hoppy's Fun Palace heavy footsteps. There you can meet your new friends, Pop Goes The Weasel plays. Just have static and groans, ending with a yell ehhhhh childish voice FUN"

-Last recording of the Announcer that plays over the speakers during the night

Back Story

Being opened as Hoppy's Fun Land by the Announcer and his employees under the company name Hoppy CEO, this wonderful fun amusement park was once to the home of many joyful faces and the prideful name the company had for itself. Upon building the establishment inside the amusement park, something started going terribly wrong. From missing animatronics and person reports to lawsuits and food poisoning, the company had to close its door to the public forever. That was until recently when it was brought back after a local fair burnt down in the area and turned Hoppy's Fun land into Hoppy's Fright Fest, where the objective of the game is to get to the end of the theme park while avoiding the animatronics. Hopefully, nobody gets hurt this time around.







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