This is the second episode in the TV series 'Infected'.


The group heads toward the screaming sound,it comes from the woods,they see a man who got scared of a zombified head lying on the ground,another guy talks to him.Alex takes out his shovel and wants to head towards the people just when the four of them get knocked out.

The Opening Sequence Plays

When they finally wake up they see four people in front of them,Alex immediatley says "Duane?",Duane says "Alex? Holy shit! Alex,you're alive!",Duane helps ALex and the others up,the woman then asks "Now please tell me who the hell you are.",Nigel asks "Why the fuck would you wanna know?",the man says "Maybe 'cause you really don't wanna piss her of.",Becca then says "I'm Becca,and these three guys here are Nigel,Alex and William.Duane already knows most of us.",the woman says "Well I'm Clarah.","And I'm Eric." says the man,Becca asks "And who is he?","Who? Oh he? I don't know,he's the new one,found him yesterday,hiding in an alleyway,behind a litter bin." says Clarah,Eric asks "So you're Alex?","No I'm Nigel,he's Alex." anwsers Nigel."It's getting cold outside,c'mon in the tent." says Clarah,they talk a bit more,they eat and then it's becoming night again,Nigel asks "So,with how much people are you guys again?","Six." anwsers Eric,Nigel then says"Holy shit!","Nigel,there's a kid here!" says Becca,the kid say "It doesn't matter,my name is Hassan by the way." says the kid,William asks "How old are you kid?",Hassan answers "I'm 16.","Whoa! You're almost an adult!" says William,they here something outside,Clarah and Nigel go check,they see a zombie,Nigel slashes it in pieces with his machette,they see another one,Clarah shoots it before it can get to them,then they see another one,and another one,they're everywhere! Clarah goes to warn the rest,while Nigel holds the zombies back,William asks "What's happening?","Zombies,that's what happening!" says Clarah,Becca asks "Whta do we do?"Clarah says "Get out of here,now!",Clarah takes the last bag of supplies and takes the rest outside,"There,to the truck!" says Eric,"Nigel,get here!" screams Alex,they get in the truck and drive away in the horizon...



In Progress


  • First appearance of Hassan.
  • First appearance of Eric.
  • First appearance of Duane
  • First appearance of Clarah.