'Respect' is the third episode of the TV serie 'Infected'.


They are driving on the road when Alex asks where they're going,Clarah answers "We're going to our camp,it's a few miles from here.".They suddenly stop,Clarah says "Shit,truck ran out of gas.","I see abuilding a bit further down the road,gas station uf we're lucky." says Nigel,Nigel and Clarah go to the building

The Opening Sequence Plays

They're lucky,it 's a gas station.Clarah is looting the place,while Nigel is getting some gas.Then zombies show up,"Oh shit." says Nigel,Nigel cuts the zombie in half with his machette.They go back to the truck,and they drive away.They arrive at the camp,"End of the road." says Clarah,Clarah introduces the group,to the people from her camp,"Nigel,this is Joe,he's also a lot into mechanics and cars.",says Clarah,Nigel says "Hi Joe,nice to meet you.",Clarah says "And oh yeah,you need to be respectful to everyone,or we throw you out,capish?","Capish." Alex says,they talk a bit,eat and then Eric and Alex go check the perimeter,they see a hole in the fence,they go back for some wiring to fix it,but when they return,zombies already found their way in.Everyone panics,they run as fast as they can,gunshots everywhere,Nigel decapitates a zombie,the zombified head lands right before Duane's feet,everyone fights for their life,all the zombies are dead,Clarah wants to burn the corpses,she walks to a corpse,and when she's about to pick it up,the zombie grabs her leg,Clarah pulls her leg,Joe screams "What're you waiting for? Shoot it!","I dropped my gun!" says Clarah.William throws the gun to Clarah,Clarah shoots the zombie.She picks it up,and throws it in the fire...





In Progress


  • First appearance of Emily.
  • First appearance of Frank.
  • First appearanced of Joe.
  • First appearance of Oscar.