Perseus is a retelling of the story from Greek myth.


Danae couldn't believe it. She was sitting, shivering in the corner of the stone tower. Her own father had locked her up here. What kind of man could've done that? Her father, Acrisius, had heard a prophecy declaring that the king of Argos would be killed by his grandson, so, panicking, Acrisius tried to stop it. He locked Danae in a tower, so she couldn't have anyway of getting pregnant and having a child. Danae knew she would die in here, alone. She watched as the waves crashed against the tower below. Danae sighed. She would never be free. She curled into the fetal position, moping. All of a sudden, her head shot up. She could hear some kind of twinkling noise. She turned, curious.
"Hello?" Danae called. "Is someone there?"
As she called, the twinkling sound got louder.
"Wow," Danae marveled when she looked up. Across the tower's ceiling, golden sparks shined. They started to fall, and took the form of a man. Danae looked into the man's eyes, and the sparks separated once again and surrounded Danae.
When they disappeared, there was a baby boy in the tower.
This boy was named Perseus.

"How dare she?" Acrisius shouted as the servant told him of Perseus. "How... how could she? I made sure no one could enter or exit that tower!"
"I - I don't know, sir." The servant stuttered.
"Bring my daughter in!" Acrisius ordered. "And bring that boy, too!"
The guards hurried out. They didn't want to face Acrisius' wrath.
A few moments later, the guards returned, one holding the baby Perseus and the other holding Danae.
"You!" Acrisius shouted at his daughter, his eyes wide. "How is this creature -" He pointed at Perseus. "Alive? Who is his father, and how did he get in your tower?"
"I don't know, father." Danae said, frightfully. "I was sitting in my tower, and golden sparks appeared, and they took form of a man, and then -"
"A likely story. Guards! Put her in something smaller than a tower... put her in a chest only just large enough for them, and throw them out to sea."
"Father!" Danae shouted, as the guards took her back out of the palace.
As Acrisius had said, Danae and Perseus were locked in a chest and thrown out to sea.
They spent many days floating in the middle of nowhere. Danae told Perseus stories of the gods and the Titans. As she told the stories, she suspected who the golden sparks was. Who Perseus' father was.