Chapter 1

I groaned, and slowly got up, then looked at my watch. 01:00 AM, it read. Why would someone wake me at this hour. I noticed a spike poking out from below my long pajamas. Reaching down, I noticed something strange. My room was strangely illuminated by a white light, that basked it in an eerie silver glow. I pulled it under, then walked to the door and opened it. At the door was a strange package. It was a deep blue, with an amazingly designed bird on the front, created of just silver lines. I took it in to my room, and looking closer, could see it was on fire. A phoenix, I thought. In the top right corner, my name was scratched into it. Telai Silvers. I never knew why I was called that. Then, I opened the package, careful not to damage the beautiful inscription. Inside was a small necklace. I picked it up, and could see that it was created from thin string, and on the bottom held a small black gem, engraved with a skull. Hesitantly, I slipped it around my neck, then tucked myself under my blankets and attempted to fall back asleep. A few seconds later, I heard screams, and a raging fire. Then, a terrifying blaze burst through my door and engulfed my room. I got up and scrambled to unlock the window, but then I looked down and saw the huge drop, well over 100 feet. Suddenly, the flames caught up and knocked me through the window, severely burning me. Then it all went black.


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