Murder Pays Off is the fourth episode of the TV series "Infected".


The group is sitting around the fire telling stories,Alex,Nigel,Becca and William get to know the new group better.The next morning they're cleaning up the corpses,Becca notices blood on Oscar's shirt,she asks what happened,Becca realises he's bit,she says "Oscar is bit! Guys,Oscar is bit!"

The Opening Sequence Plays

Oscar can't lie anymore,he shows his bite,he says "It's okay,you need to put me down.",Joe says "No,I can't do that!","Do it." says Oscar.William says "I agree,we can't let him turn in one of them.",Oscar says "I should do it myself.","No,we can't let you do that,we'll do it." says Joe,Oscar jumps at Joe,they start to fight eachother,Oscar grabs Joe's gun,he points it at his head,Joe says "Don't do it!",and Oscar pulls the trigger,"Noooooooo!" screams Joe.

4 Hours Later

Joe is in his tent,"Should I go check on him?" asks Nigel,"Nah." says Frank,"Why not?" Nigel asked,"He'll get over it." said Frank.Nigel,Clarah,William and Hassan go on a supplie run,

In Progress




In Progress


  • First appearance of Bill.
  • Last appearance of Oscar.
  • First appearance of Grady.
  • First (And last) appearance of Warren
  • First appearance of scavenger 1.
  • First appearance of scavenger 2.