Legend of the Power Armour is a series about heroes called the Elemental Warriors who wield the elements through the use of the magical Power Armour.


In a future where civilisation has collapsed and the world has been reduced to a wasteland, heroes known as the Elemental Warriors combat the forces of the Dark Lord MasterMind. With his minions like Captain Cactus, the Doom Dragons and more, with the help of secret agencies S.W.O.R.D (Super Warriors Of Rune Destiny) and the Y-Bots as well as many more friends. The Elemental Warriors control the elements through the Power Armour, suits of Armour that control the elements.


Elemental Warriors

  • Tom Blackshield (Element: Fire, Position: Leader)
  • Malcolm Swiftfoot (Element: Air, Position: Second in Command)
  • Zack Bayberry (Element: Water, Position: Member)
  • Will Darkstone (Element: Dark, Position: Member)
  • Amber Mineshroud (Element: Earth, Position: Member)

S.W.O.R.D Agents

  • Benjamin Stormsword (Power: Electricity)
  • Mint Sweetsmell (Power: Plant)


  • X-Tron (Type: Tank)
  • ScoutBot (Type: Scanner)
  • TY-zo (Type: Trapper)


  • MasterMind
  • Captain Cactus
  • The Doom Dragons
  • Maguios

Other Heroes

  • Dragion
  • Dragion 2.0