Being shut down for nearly a century, Hoppy the Bunny, has been awaken once more to cause terror the way he used to during the night 100 years ago.


Sky blue skin with a white belly. Its mouth area is also white and the area around the eyes. It has blue eyes and a red bow. Its body looks like a skirt and it is missing an arm


Being the first created, Hoppy took a while. One night while tending his garden the original owner of Hoppy CEO saw a run away bunny. It smashed onto a paint bucket with blue paint and it covered him. The next day he asked kids around the neighborhood if they wanted to see a giant robot bunny. They like the idea and thus Hoppy the Bunny was born. It took the man months but finally he created Hoppy and started Hoppy's Diner


After a few years Hoppy went missing. Upon his disappearance a kid was reported dead. After days of searching the police found Hoppy and complained of the way he smelled, almost like if someone had died inside. The Kid was never found but Hoppy seemed to move by itself around the establishment and nobody knows why


People have seen Hoppy on the lot of Hoppy's Diner even after being burnt by a fire. He stands outside sometimes looking inside and singing. Once in a while he'll go to the alley where the kid died and laid like the kid


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