After losing Mr. Longlegs the Emoji Man, the staff decided to make a custome so the kids wouldn't notice Mr. Longlegs missing disappearance

Basic Information

Species: Wearable costume

Gender: Disputed (Mainly male)

Color: Blue with black buttons and black stripes

Occupation (100 years ago): Playing with kids in Kid's Corner (Currently): Unknown

Appearance: A flying Emoji head on a body that changes its mood according to how it feels when humans are around


After the disappearance of Mr. Longlegs the Emoji Man the staff had to recreate the animatronic. However, they only had one animatronic and they hadn't made replica. The kid who was given the money had given part of the money back. However, the staff didn't have enough money for the animatronic inside only the suit. They had given the suit to a staff member who would put on the suit everyday after the opening of the theme park.


The suit was actually never used for other things apart from the kids playing with it. The staff never actually used it especially after the disappearance of it shortly after it was made. The suit didn't even last a week before disappearing.


After the suit disappearance it had been seen outside malls, police stations, and parks, the same places where the deaths of the children have happened. Apart from those sightings they haven't found the suit again.