"Are you sure this thing is even alive? I mean it's a giant robot moth supported by wires. This machine can't wake it up at all."

-Frank Tejada before waking up Gigantic

Frank is the muscle of the team and appears in The Forgotten. He is brought into the fair by the man in the white uniform after a camping trip in the middle of a storm. Not knowing the dangers and not believing Moe, he wakes up Gigantic.


Frank is a brown hair teen jock with shinning magenta eyes. His upper body and lower torso match in size but are not exaggerated. Frank wears a white 'Beatles' t-shirt with khakis and loafers. His brown hair is messy and shines in the light and his teeth are all very sharp, except his molars (Generic defect from parents). He also wears sunglasses to cover his eye colors, due to him being afraid of being judge for his eye colors.


Frank is a nerdy jock with an always open mind. He seems to get along with all three of his friends, even Moe. He doesn't mind going out of his way to save his friends and is usually there for everyone, and is the only protector Moe has.


  • Joey: His best friend and thinks he is an amazing leader
  • Beth: Like his little sister and he is always looking out for her
  • Moe: Secretly wishes Moe knew his secret but he rather die than let him know


  1. The Fair
  2. The First Night
  3. Allo is Coming
  4. The Animatronics Won't Stop
  5. The Mirror Hall
  6. Triple Visions
  7. Pirate's Hook
  8. It's Me!!!
  9. The Final Return of Allo
  10. Entrance to Hell
  11. Night Seven
  12. The Funeral


  • Frank's is a homosexual and has never revealed it due to rejection issues and the fear of losing his friends and them telling his family, therefore ending up like Moe
  • During The Funeral Frank only is talked about once and he is crying, then it quickly ends of the chapter with the appearance of Pirate Hook
  • Frank was originally going to be named Jakob but this was switched during development and story planning
  • If Frank never would have woken up Gigantic, the chapters after The Animatronics Won't Stop would never have occurred
    • This happens in the non-canon version of the story but leads to all of them dying instead of just one person.
  • The only reason Frank doesn't reveal his eye colors to his friends or the fact that he has very sharp teeth is because there was a legend in the town he lived in where, a creature with the same features was the creator of everything and knew everything. He didn't believe it but thought that if he showed his friends they would have hated him for not knowing they were being fooled.