Just like any other wiki, Fan-Fiction-Stories Wikia has it's rules, and not following these rules will result in a block

The Do's

  • Respect each other
  • Look after yourself
  • Respect people's privacy and work
  • Keep your account secure (We never had someone reported a hacked account but in case, confirm your email. This is important, we don't want your valuable work to be erased or messed around with)
  • Protect your pages (This is very important if you don't want random people editting your work. THIS IS IMPORTANT)

The Don't's

  • Don't do anything illegal (This can include: child pornography, posting pictures of illegal drugs, hacking, etc.) [2 warnings will result in a week ban]
  • Don't post hate speech (We encourage each other in writing, we don't want to be called or mentioned for a little writing). [3 warnings will result in a week ban]
  • Don't post porn of any kind or explict descriptions of sex (This is a child friendly website and we are here to read and write not create works of magic about sex. You can have that on your website but it is not allowed here) [Immediate ban]
  • Don't pretend to be other people (Don't try to be who you aren't. It isn't good, both mentally and physically. Here we are all special so try not to copy each other.) [3 warnings will result in a two week ban]
  • Don't spam (Spamming isn't fun. We had a case once where we had to revert about 50 pages back to their original way because someone taught it was funny) [2 warnings will get you a week ban]
  • No sock accounts (Back-Up accounts are allowed) [If we find out, all your original work on your other account(s) will be deleted so beware]
  • When blocked, don't keep on asking on your message wall to be unblocked. (This will extend your time each time by a day, it is not suggested. However, if admin do unblock you before just know that next time you are banned you will get those extra days added, it is also not suggested)
  • Don't badge hunt (It is really annoying to check 50 new pages in one day, specially incomplete pages with no categories, no data and no type of source) [2 warnings will result in a month ban]

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