Dragon Masters is a the first book in a series of the same name.



  • Rex
  • Flare


  • Lord Draco
  • Moonblast


  • Malvo
  • Minions of Malvos


Chapter 1: Dragonborn

Rex looked up at the starry sky. He was safe in his bed. What he didn’t know was that this night there would be an event that would change his life forever. The first sign was a low roar then a soft beat of a wing. Then he saw strange red spiritual dragon like creatures in his room. He shivered. Suddenly he jumped back as a draconian creature flew into the room.

“W-Who are you?” he asked it.

“I am Moonblast, Dragon Chronicler of the land of Drakos. And you are Rex, chosen of the dragons.” “

What?” Rex replied. He was just a normal boy.

“You are the chosen of the dragons, the one to save Drakos when it is in hour of need.” “Are there other humans in Drakos?” He asked

“Oh yes, many train dragons and are their partners. Now we will set out to Drakos.”

Chapter 2: Drakos

“So this is Drakos?” Rex said.

“Yes” Moonblast replied. I will introduce you to Lord Draco and his dragon Electro. Rex presented himself to the king before going to the Training Grounds to choose.

“Pick a dragon” Moonblast commanded. Rex looked through them all but didn’t choose any till he saw a small red dragon in the corner.

“Who is that?” He asked Moonblast.

“Oh, him. He is Flare the common fire dragon. Why don’t you choose the dazzling Volt the Electric Dragon or strong Silver the Iron Dragon?” The chronicler replied.

“I chose Flare.” Rex said firmly.

“Him! Really?”


“Well, if you insist.” Moonblast said

Chapter 3: Flare

“Come on Flare” Rex said encouragingly. The little dragon bounded over

“Master?” Flare said

“Yes. I am Rex”

“Hello Rex. I am Flare the fire dragon, though the other dragons call me Forgotten Flare.” The young dragon’s head drooped.

“You’re not forgotten little dragon. I chose you. Now let’s play.”

“Thanks Rex” He said softly. The two trained and blasted fire at dummies.

“Now you must set out to combat Malvo the Evil” said Lord Draco, who had just entered the room. With that, Rex and Flare set out to Aura City

Chapter 4: Minions of Malvos

Rex and Flare were on the road to Aura City when they were confronted by two Black cloaked warriors with dragons. “Who are you?” Rex asked

"We are minions of the mighty Malvos, set out to destroy you!" They said.