Dragimals is a series by TBDT. It has collectible guys, video games, a TV show and books.


Dragimals- Collectible characters and the main protagonists.

  1. Flame the Fire Dragon- The fiery leader of the Dragimals, Older brother of Draco and Shadow.
  2. Frost the Snow Phoenix- Flame's icy second in command, Younger sister of Wildfire and Luna.
  3. Electro the Plug Snake- A snake that can plug in to bad guys and shock them, Middle brother of Krait and Hisser.
  4. Spitfire the Hydra- A venomous Hydra who controls the weather.
  5. Slicer the Praying Mantis- A ninja bug who knows Tae Kwon Do.
  6. Pincer the Robot- A heavy duty robotic worker/warrior.
  7. Krait the Sea Snake- A hardy Sea Snake pirate, Younger brother of Electro and Hisser.
  8. Sky the Cyber Falcon- A cyborg falcon who is a messenger.
  9. Rex the T-Rex- A T-Rex who was revived from the dead, Older brother of Skull.
  10. Sly the Shadow Fox- A fox who can turn into a shadow.
  11. Crys the Rock Golem- A rock hard Golem who has powerful crystal lasers.
  12. Webslinger the Spider- A spider who can hit an apple 36 miles away from her with her web.
  13. Hisser the Wyrm- A dragon-snake creature, Older brother of Electro and Krait.
  14. Mova the Hologram- A mysterious holographic dragon.
  15. Bam the Bamboo Golem- A panda-hating bamboo sensei.
  16. Lupin the Wolf- A sneaky warrior wolf.
  17. Draco the Drake- A mini dragon who is the youngest brother of Flame and Shadow.
  18. Wildfire the Phoenix- A fire phoenix and the Middle brother of Luna and Frost.
  19. Snowy the Yeti- A yeti who has the power of snow.
  20. Julius the Centaur- A Roman styled centaur.
  21. Shadow the Dark Dragon- A dark dragon who is the middle brother of Flame and Shadow.
  22. Chewie the Chupacabra- A cryptid who hates livestock.
  23. Nessie the Sea Monster- A legend of the lake who can control water.
  24. Brownie the Cyclops- A greek giant with one eye.
  25. Skull the Undead Dino- Rex's undead younger brother.
  26. Salla the Salamander- A firey 6 legged salamander.
  27. Springer the Elesaur- A elemental dinosaur who controls grass, belongs to a friend of TBDT.
  28. Mech Walker Mk. II- A robotic walker, belongs to a friend of TBDT.
  29. Splash the River Robber- A hungry fish who eats like crazy, belongs to a friend of TBDT.
  30. Luna the Moon Phoenix- Priestess to the Moon, Older sister of Wildfire and Frost.
  31. Shift the Shape Shifter- A magical shape shifter (Special Addition)

Shadzels- Dark creatures who serve The Bad One.

  • The Bad One- An evil box.
  • Volcan- A magma golem.
  • Zappord- A lightning fish.
  • Alienoid- An alien.

Manamals- Mysterious beings, planned to be collectible

  1. Magica the Wizard- The magical leader of the Manamals.
  2. Mamut the Ice Elephant- Magica's icy second in command.


  1. The Labyrinth
  2. The Stones