"Why is the ground marked in a slithering form? That's weird, I thought there was only a homocidal crocodile here."

-Beth Macanne before discovering Serpent

Beth is the only girl from the main characters in The Forgotten. She accompanies her friends and boyfriend into this fair after a man in a white uniform invited them in so the rain wouldn't get them sick. Not aware of dangers of the fair she enters it with her friends and awakens a sleeping snake.


Beth Macanne is a female with dark brown hair and coffee color eyes. Her olive color skin is covered by a white floral pants-dress and white dress-style top. Her hair reached her ear in the shape of a bouffant. She sports a gold ring on her left ring finger, a gift from her boyfriend. She also has two large pearl earrings, a gift she got as a young girl from her dad before he went off to war and was "killed in action."


Beth is the adventurous and mischievous. She will usually go exploring on her own until being scolded by her boyfriend or mother. She likes everyone, except Moe, and enjoys her time. However, she will become furious just like her boyfriend whenever someone she loves is hurt by someone or something.


Joey: Her boyfriend and first lover. Usually is being bossed around by him for safety reasons

Frank: Acts like her older brother and would like to know why he is so hidden

Moe: Her school teaser but wants forgiveness.


  1. The Fair
  2. The First Night
  3. Allo is Coming
  4. The Animatronics Won't Stop
  5. The Mirror Hall
  6. Triple Visions
  7. Pirate's Hook
  8. It's Me!!!
  9. The Final Return of Allo
  10. Entrance To Hell
  11. Night Seven
  12. The Funeral


  • Beth Macanne is the only girl in the whole group of friends
  • Originally Beth was going to remain single until finally finding love at the end
    • This changed due to the story sounding like a fairy tale and that is too sweet for a violent horror story.
  • Moe only teased her at school because when she was small she had a nose too big for her face, a problem Joey also had when he was small.
  • Beth has a series of panic attacks usually followed by an asthma attack, however in the series she only has one panic attack without it being followed by an asthma attacked.
    • That would have resulted in the first death without the story starting due to her leaving her stuff in the tent like everyone else.