"Welcome to Hoppy's Fun Land. A place where your imagination goes wild. Now go and visit Hoppy's loud screech Fun Palace heavy footsteps. There you can meet your new friends, Glowy the Jack Pop Goes The Weasel plays in the cough box. Just have static and groans, ending with a yell ehhhhh childish voice FUN!"

-The Announcer moments before his death

The Announcer is the creator of Hoppy's Fun Land (Terror At Hoppy's) and another closed down theme park (The Forgotten). He is known around both theme parks as the 'Announcer' by all of his customers. His identity was never made public to his customers but his employees knew how he looked like. The staff often referred to him as a 'fat jolly man dressed in black with a magician's top hat.'


Maggs has never seen around either fair grounds but most knew him by the descriptions of the staff. The only time he was actually really seen was in posters around Hoppy's Fun Land or in a photo album found in the fair grounds, which show him as a child and some of him creating the animatronics.


When Maggs speaks over the loud speaker he is often heard as a happy man, as he is always caring for everyone's safety. The staff also referred to him as a "Happy, jolly father figure." However, this all changed after June 16, 1984, where he suddenly disappeared.


  • Maggs' concept art showed him with two faces, the usual human face and one where his back hair would be.
    • This is due to the fact that Maggs was based off the mayor from Halloween Town from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
    • One concept art showed Maggs holding a skull and staring at the camera taking the photo. This was removed for various reasons, but mainly for common sense.
      • Instead this concept art was changed to Pirate Hook holding the skull of Moe in the ending scene.
  • Maggs was created from a mistake the writer made as he accidently heard the name Maggs when his sister tried to say Max and Meg at the same time.
  • Maggs is actually in three establishments in the concept art, both which are canon and one which was a beta map of Hoppy's Fun Land
  • As an easter egg there's three hidden animatronics in Hoppy's Fun Land, all based around Maggs.
    • The first one is based around the early concept art of Maggs with the two faces. This animatronic was made to be more of a jester animatronic. It was used for the beta map of Hoppy's Fun Land as a "Stalk" animatronic. It would stalk the guard by looking at the cameras until it finally played the Pop Goes the Weasel and attacked the guard (Replaced by Glowy the Jack-in-the-box).
    • The second one is based around the final concept art of Maggs, or the one used in the story. This animatronic was used for the beta map of Hoppy's Fun Land as a "Weeping Angel" animatronic. It would only move from room after being activated
    • The third one is based around the death concept art of Maggs. This animatronic is a "Crawler" in the beta map of Hoppy's Fun Land. It often crawls around the floor or ceiling using the support beams or broken cables on the ceiling to get to the guard.

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