This is the second episode of the TV series "Alice".


"So you thought you could escape huh?" says the hare.

"Your comin' with us." says one of the Card Soldiers.

The hare grabs Hatter,while the other two soldiers take Alice and Mallymkun.

"Okay,grab the cat now." says Horrible Hare.

The Card Soldier reaches for Chessur when he suddenly dissappears.

"Huh,where's that cat gone?" asks the soldier

The soldier suddenly get's smashed by something.

"Here I am!" says Chessur who appears out of nowhere.

"Ah,you son of a! Come here!" the soldier says.

Chessur dissappears and unbounds Hatter,he uses the rope to bind the two soldiers together,then Hatter knocks down the hare and binds him to a tree.

"Time to sleep,March." says Hatter.

Hatter unbinds Mallymkun and Alice.

"Thanks." asays Alice.


"Hatter,for how long are we still gonna walk?" asks an exhausted Alice.

"We gotta go to my cousins,the Tweedles." says Hatter.


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