Alice is a remake of the famous fairytale series "Alice In Wonderland".


  • Alice Kingsleigh - The main character of the series.
  • Mad Hatter - A man who Alice met in Wonderland.Who later joins Alice on her adventures.
  • Charles Hamillton III(The White Knight) - An old man that the Hatter and Alice found in the woods.
  • Mad March(The March Hare) - An assasin who works for the Queen of Hearts who gets decapitated but is brought back to life by the Walrus and the Scientist.He wears a mask to cover his disfigured face.
  • Mallymkun(The Dormouse) - A mouse who worked in Mad Hatter's hat store.
  • The Dodo - A dodo who was ordered to kill Alice,he refused and helped Alice,Mallymkun and Hatter to escape.
  • Tweedle Dee - A little boy who lives with his brother in Wonderland.
  • Tweedle Dum - A little boy who lives with his brother in Wonderland.
  • The Queen Of Hearts - The ruler of Wonderland who wants Alice killed.
  • Absolem The Catterpillar - A catterpillar who always comes across Alice and Hatter and gives them advise.
  • The Walrus - The loyal assistant of the Scientist.Who only works for the Queen of Hearts because his master works for her.
  • The Scientist(The Carpenter) - A scientist who works for the Queen of Hearts together with his assistent.
  • The Jubub(Jubub Bird) - A murderous bird who kills for the Queen of Hearts.
  • Jabberwocky - A dragon who lives in the deepest caves of Wonderland.
  • Chessur(Cheshire Cat) - The Hatter's immortal cat with magical powers.
  • McTwisp(The White Rabbit) - The first person Alice encounters in Wonderland,he always comes late.
  • Bayard Hamar(The Bloodhound) - Charles' dog who wants to kill the Queen of Hearts becuase she killed his family.
  • Gormann - The Queen of Hearts' housekeeper.
  • The White Queen - The Queen of Hearts' sister who helps Alice and her freinds to stay away from the Queen of Hearts.
  • Bandersnatch - The White Queen's magical pet.
  • Chess Soldiers - The White Queen's soldiers.
  • Card Soldiers - The Queen of Hearts' soldiers.
  • The Knave Of Hearts - The Queen of Hearts' executioner.
  • The King Of Hearts - The Queen of Hearts' man who doesn't like his wife anymore for years but doesn't tell her because he'd be executed otherwise.
  • Humpty Dumpty - A living egg who Alice,Mallymkun,Dodo and Hatter encountered when escaping the Queen of Hearts' castle.
  • Duchess - The Queen of Hearts' best freind.
  • Mock Turtle - A turtle with the head of a cow who always cries.
  • The Cook - The White Queen's cook.
  • Richard Rat - A money inner and cavalier who works for the Queen of Hearts.
  • The Sheep - A sheep who owns a store in Wonderland.
  • Goldilocks - A little girl found by Alice,Hatter,Mallymkun and Chessur.



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